Sunday, October 3, 2010

A post after long time - a get together

This blog post after a long time. It is about a get together we had yesterday, 2nd october. Get together of GSB families in mumbai who hails form kerala. It was at King's circle, the place where the annual Ganesh Utsav of GSBs take place. We all went, we two, our son and daughter in law and our pet grand daughter pabbi. When we reached, we are asked to proceed for breakfast - it was tasty, upma, bonda, banana, and tea or coffee... such social get togethers is an occasion for meeting our family friends and relatives. we met many. we were very comfortable that we could speak in konkani, that too with comfortable accent.

People started coming as time passed. All greeted each other, some with the modern 'Hi', and some with traditional 'Namaskars'. Morning session was a general meeting. After the traditional report reading etc., suggestions were invited from people on how to make the samaj activities better and more useful. Both men and women participated, at times with small verbal fights; they only add spice to any function, right?

I saw housewives chatting with each other, at times ignoring the meeting. This is one day they get relief from kitchen, and all enjoyed that; joking, laughing continued. All got energised with the nimbu paani served in between. Till lunch, the talking party of house-wives continued. in between we tried to hear their decisions of the meeting.

It was simple, yet tasty food; puries, waghu (mangalore konkani's preparation), dheve umman, godda paysu, rice, saaru and daali toy; a very typical konkani jevaN. People interacted during lunch also. We knew many people who came. The occasion helped to renew our contacts.

After lunch it was games and kid's quiz and housie. Everyone participated and enjoyed. The hall was full of energy, with people laughing, clapping and encouraging winners. In between had team and snacks, and time to say good bye arrived. From 'Hi' to 'Bye' we enjoyed, and started our journey back to our den.

After a long time, it was a pleasant get together, a pleasant outing and thought of sharing with you all through this.

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Suma Rajesh said...

so nice 2 hear ammumma that the get together was so joyful...i loved the lines that u have mentioned about housewives that they were busy chatting with eachothers rather than involving in meeting..LOL ..infact thats the fact thesdays...:))