Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fight for Love

It is after many months I am writing this blog. I was busy with writing a novel in konkani and making corrections etc. The manuscript has been given for printing, and now I can devote more time for writing more blogs. This post is about my observations on love and fight for love.

Love comes from within. Everyone needs love and wants love throughout their life. One can get love only by giving it.

There are different types of love. Love between mother and her children, between husband and wife, love towards in-laws, love towards grand parents and grand children, love between friends, love between siblings, love between neighbours, love between teacher and students etc. For happy and peaceful life, everyone needs love. All our minds are thirsty for love.

A baby just out of mother's womb, start crying. The baby was safe and comfotable in mother's womb for almost ten months. After birth it feels helpless. Cry is the way baby can express its need for love. Nurses clean and covers the baby with dry cloths and the baby stops crying. The elders take the baby from the nurses. The baby feels comfortable in the warm covering. The baby's first cry thus becomes successful. From then on for every need the baby cries. It gets mothers love and enjoys it. Parents also enjoy the baby's love. After a while, the baby recognizes more people around. Everyone gives the baby love and in return they too get love. Baby becomes toddler and becomes more naughty. Everyone around loves the naughty acts of the child, and the baby acts as a bond of love in the whole family.

In school life friendships get developed and a kind of love develops between friends. During teenage, one has to be careful in love. It could land the person in trouble. Many times, such incidents and associated love is forgotten after they leave school or college. After marriage, love between husband and wife gets blossomed. These days love marriages are becoming common. Many years back, the relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law was not generally that sweet as these days. Actually it is the fear that overtook the love between them. Mothers fear that they will lose their son's love, when the son gets married. Things are changing now, as more and more people become educated (I mean, not college education, but realization of relationships and values), more and more daughter-in-laws get accepted as daughters (many times acceptance more than daughters) leading to lively homes. Only love among the family members can create a happy family, whether it is a nuclear or joint family. To create such happy family, every one has to fight for love. It is an inner fight and not physical fight. That fight helps create sharing of love between husband and wife, in-laws, kids and parents etc. Everyone has to succeed in that fight for love. A failure in fight for love can come out as unhappiness or depression, which is a symptom of problem in family. Everyone has to intensify their fight for love to remove that failure and regain the harmony.

It is the ego that creeps in as a virus in a harmonious and happy life. If love between the family members is real, then ego cannot creep in and spoil the harmony. Even in love, there is place for fights and tension. When different human being live together there is bound to have fights. Then love from heart has power to ease such tensions and return of the lost harmony.

If we consider the whole world as a family (vasudaiva kutumbakam), and there is real love and concern for ever other person, then there is no reason fo so much disturbance. I fear that the real love is disappearing from the world, as we see more and more wars and fights between different countries and different sects these days. All of us have to strive hard to spread love among mankind, so that all can live happily.

I believe, there is no power in the world that can beat power of love. Let us spread love and let everyone learn to fight for love than fight for all material things.


Suma Rajesh said...

Nice to read ur article again an again ammumma. Ur right,love changes every person. I have enjoyed in all relations right from my mother to my kid. u have taught every one to love and i will keep that in mind..

Myviews said...

Nice Article . As Mother Therasa said “There is more hunger in the world for love and appreciation than for Bread.” We thing hungry and homeless is apoverty. But being unwanted, unloved and uncared is also greatest poverty. I feel we should also do something for humanity eg spreading love and kindness among people so that there will be peace and harmony everywhere. For that we have to give “unconditional love” to everybody and praying for others.Love is such a powerful force especially when shared…Good Message

Kumudha said...

Great post!

Love can solve many problems...

Jeena said...

What a wonderful post to read. You speak the truth about love.

Sometimes we let silly things get to us, but then if someone gets sick then we realise that the only thing that matters is love and our health.

I wish there was more love around.

You have a lovely blog. :-)

Yasmeen said...

Your words are very touching and simple to understand Grandma.

Sudeshna said...

I just love your blog, the way you write and so the link is also on my blogroll. Just added an award for you on my blog, so check it out at

Sudeshna said...

I just love your blog, the way you write and so the link is also on my blogroll. Just added an award for you on my blog, so check it out at

AnandiMumbai said...

Thank you all for reading and commenting here.

Suma, your comment is so lovely as you.
My Views, thank you very much for great comment.
Kumuda, I too believe, love can solve many problems. Have seen it all through my life.
Jeena, I too wish there was more love around.
Thanks yasmeen for your touching comments.
Sudeshna, thank you very much for the award you added. I am adding your link on my blog.