Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thank you for all lovely wishes...

My eldest of grandchildren Nandu wrote a blog on the day i was entering into my 60th year of married life. Two grandsons wrote poems wishing us and remembering the days when they were kids. Another grand daughter created a wonderful postcard using the site created by y son's company. Another grandson made a collage of the family tree and gave us. And the little one, a differently abled granddaughter made a lovely card in her own way.

We were filled with love and all this made us emotional. We responded to all their lovely presents... The response we wrote to Nandu's blog post is posted here also.

Dear Chakki,

We both read your post again and again and felt very happy. It took us back to those days at our old house in the village. I liked the way you started the post "How can you"? My answer is "If you have faith, trust and determination, then you can". At that time (59 years back), the family and social circumstances were such that it was difficult to get an opportunity for the newly wed couples to speak in private. But instead of complaining for anything and everything, we faced the challenges in our own way, without hurting anybody's feelings. But that affected our peace of mind many times. But considering that happiness of people around would bring happiness to us', made us stronger to face the difficulties. In case of difficulties we supported each other, most times discretely. As any other newly wed couple we also had our dreams, but we had to pack them all as to have a peaceful life and make people around us happy.

We believed that making others happy is an investment, which will bring returns later. I can vouch for this now. Our children with their spouses, grandchildren with their spouses, and great grandchildren are showering us with love; what else do we need now? They are fulfilling all the dreams which we could not fulfill ourselves. Children make our dreams realize, grandchildren add colours to them, and great grandchildren make us really enjoy the dreams.

We believe, whether the marriage is arranged by parents or arranged by the couple themselves, the recipie for success is "love each other, trust each other, support each other, love everyone around you, respect elders, feel happiness in making others happy".

Dear chakki, Abu and Ammumma are happy to see that you are remembering and enjoying the childhood days with your naughty boys. Blessings to you, prashant, kanna and sreeku, on this day of our stepping into 60th year of our life together.

All our grandchildren wished in their own ways... Nandu, you posted this blog, suji and vinnu wrote poems, suma made a wonderful postcard, prashant made a collage of the family tree and pratibha created a lovely greeting card in her own way. What else do we need at this stage of our life?

We also thank everyone who wished us through the comments to Nandu's blog.

Aabu and Ammumma


Suma Rajesh said...

dear abu,ammumma...i really liked the sentence u added ie "The recipie of success is Love each other"....just waant to say in short 'Urs happiness too is ours happiness'.....hugs

Asha said...

Dear Akka,Bhavu....

Let me first wish you both healthy and happier years together. Still i remember the day i came to you as your daughter-in-law and you accepted me as your daughter. I cannot forget the support and love that both of you gave me all these years. I felt your love and care for me whenever needed. You made me what i am now. I really owe you for the precious gift that you both gave me on my wedding day.

krystyna said...

Hello Aabu and Ammumma!

I was very touched reading such beautiful love, life story!
Thank you so much for your great example as a happy, lovely and very nice couple. Todays world needs more love and you are an inspiration and hope for many young people.
I wish you both from deep of my heart:
good healt,
many, many lovely years together
and many blessings!

Peace-Love-Happiness be alwas with you both!

krystyna said...

Hi Anandi!
I tagged you (only if you want).
Go here:

Many blessings to you and your lovely husband!